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Find Out How Exciting an Event and Venue Management Diploma Can Be

Posted by Naomi Hart on
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Are you an energetic person who would love to have a job where each day is new and exciting? Do you enjoy attending special events and festivals? Would you be interested in a career where you could go behind-the-scenes of various events and take part in the event planning and management? Then an Event and Venue Management diploma program may be tailor made for you.
As both Montreal and Toronto are quickly moving to the top of the list of cities that host an immense amount of great events and exhibits, a diploma as an event planner in these cities is an amazing diploma to hold. What is even more wonderful is the fact that you can also take this diploma out to any other city, where the skills you have can just as easily be applied.
A diploma program to become an event planner will provide you with the skills and knowledge essential to successfully find employment in this great field of work. Becoming an event planner means you can be qualified to work in areas such as planning weddings, charity and corporate events to festivals and even the Olympics.

An event and venue management diploma focuses on everything involved in the field of event and venue planning, along with marketing; budgeting, contract negotiations; advertising and management. The courses are taught by industry professionals who have experience in the special event industry.

An event planner diploma usually takes a total of 48 weeks of full time study. The courses are offered in each of the fall, winter, spring or summer semesters of study.

The first term of an event and venue management diploma will focus on event management. These courses include special event planning; organizing an event; event co-ordination; exhibit marketing; tour management; event entertainment and production; facility management and career development. All of these modules blend a combination of theory, group work and field trips, allowing students to get a good feel for the industry.

The outline for the second term of study is business and design skills. The courses involve computer basics; event graphic design; event industry software; multimedia stage production; theatrical staging and design; finance and budgeting; event planning contracts and risk management. These modules focus on both the managerial and creative sides of the industry.

The third and final term of study in an event and venue management diploma program involves the communications and marketing module. The courses students will take include written communication; communication skills; event marketing; public speaking and stage presence; corporate presentation labs and media advertising. It is through a mix of theory, lab and written assignments that students work on their communication skills in this term which will allow them to become effective event planners.
Since events and festivals will not stop happening anytime soon, event planner diploma is a wonderful diploma to have. Become an event planner to ensure an exciting career for years to come.

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