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Would you Choose Dollar Hosting?

Posted by Naomi Hart on
Would you Choose Dollar Hosting?
dollar hosting
dollar hosting

There are so many webhosting providers online , finding the best one can be a pain. I have got to be honest i’ve tried so many and they have their advantages and disadvantages.

First on my list (tried and tested)

Hosting 24 – A good enough host, but i find them pretty expensive. When i first signed up their services were on a monthly basis. Not now you have to pay yearly which isn’t a good thing, especially if you cannot afford this. Their customer service is fast but not very helpful to be honest.

Bluehost – A reliable fast and cheap provider. The disadvantages to this provider is they do go down alot , especially their email service. Not too clever. Apart from that, no other complaints.

Siteground – Very reliable and fast i mean fast. Googles favourite 🙂

Dreamhost – Cheap and reliable, not a bad little provider at all

Hostgator – Easy to use and reliable and cheap

Dollar Hosting – Reliable and fast (RECOMMENDED)


Employee Engagement: Six Causes of Disengaged Employees

Posted by Naomi Hart on

Most people to work to earn a living, but that does not mean they are engaged with their work. Company leaders have long understood the link between engaged workers and a strong bottom line, but learning how to motivate workers, or determine how engaged they are, can be challenging. Consequently, many executives use executive consulting as a means to learn about employee engagement strategies.

Causes of Disengagement
Different work environments require different engagement strategies, but situations that make engagement difficult can happen at almost any company.

Below are six common causes of employee disengagement:
Workplace not as Expected
Even before they receive a job interview, many people perform significant research on the companies they believe they would enjoy working for. During the research, they read information that portrays the companies in the best light possible-a light that the reality of working for the companies can dim.

Although everyone anticipates a discrepancy between how a company presents itself on its website and how it operates from within, if the discrepancy is too great, new hires will be motivated to leave.

Poor Match With Job
To expedite the hiring process, hiring managers often accept a candidate’s technical qualifications as proof of his or her readiness to handle the job. Overlooked is the fact that the person may lack the talent to be a good candidate for the job.

Employees who lack the ideal talent for a position rarely interpret this to be the cause of their dissatisfaction with the position, but they should not have to. The hiring process should evaluate the talent of prospective hires in addition to their credentials.

Not Enough Coaching
Because motivated employees value good coaching, coaching can play an integral role in employee engagement. The key is to coach early and often, and balance the coaching with praise. Motivated employees will respond to thoughtful coaching like plants to sunlight.

Not Enough Advancement Opportunities
Advancement opportunities represent two things: the opportunity to receive higher pay, and the opportunity to distinguish oneself by assuming more responsibility. They also inspire people to set goals and work hard to achieve them-a perfect situation for being engaged in one’s job.

At some companies, overwork is more of an expectation than a request. Working incessantly to reach career goals can be addictive for some, but for those who value personal time as much as work time, overwork can only end in burnout-the ultimate form of disengagement.

Lack of Recognition
At the end of the day, even humble workers desire recognition for their accomplishments. Without it, they can feel underappreciated and overlooked, especially if they have had a lengthy tenure with a company.

Employee engagement must be more than attained; it must also be maintained. At most companies, employees start their job with a sense of dedication, but whether they remain dedicated is another matter. If your company experiences a high turnover of employees due to job dissatisfaction, receiving executive consulting that focuses on employee satisfaction can help resolve the issue.

Learn more on employee engagement software at Kainexus.


IT Staffing Austin Services And Attrition

Posted by Naomi Hart on
IT Staffing Austin Services And Attrition
it staffing austin
IT Staffing austin

IT staffing Austin solutions are an important service. It is no exaggeration to state that the biggest benefits of this service are IT businesses. Companies face stiff competition and there are dangers of losing the best employees to competitors. The best techniques to motivate employees, reward schemes and salary increments are of no use, most times. An alternative is to avail the services of organizations offering IT staffing services. This helps in dealing with attrition, an important problem in the IT industry.

Companies offering IT staffing solutions provide contract employees to clients. One of the benefits of this mode of engagement is that companies need not pay severance packages, while retrenching contract employees. Moreover, contract staffing agreements are for fixed periods only. Other advantages of temporary contract employment are that it helps the company’s key personnel to concentrate on business-crucial activities. Temporary staffing is a multimillion dollar industry. IT staffing services are a less risky and a convenient option, especially when companies establish presence in newer markets. IT staffing solutions can also be customised to the requirements of individual clients.

There are several advantages of contract staffing. The HR and finance personnel need not attend to additional contract employees. Some firms operate contract employees from their offices, instead of their client’s office. This saves phenomenally on administrative, transport, management cost and efforts. This increase cost savings and shareholders wealth and reduces the headcount of permanent employees. During volatile economic conditions, it can tackle budget and head-count freezes. This works best for short-term projects. Contractors are entitled to the basic working and employment conditions of employees on permanent payroll, after continuous employment of 12 weeks. In case the contractor is working with the client for several fixed terms (after terminations and renewals of the respective terms), the sum total of weeks served should be twelve.

Contract employees have not completely curtailed the problem of attrition in the IT industry. For instance contract employees may quit the organisation at short notice, unlike employees on permanent payroll. In the absence of orientation by the staffing company (which is the case on most occasions), contract employees will not be able to deliver properly.

Moreover there may not be effective knowledge transfer. Contract employees may not be loyal or accountable to the organisation that they serve. This can impact negatively on performance of the project and the quality of their work. Since, they don’t have to adhere to relieving formalities like permanent employees; there may not be an effective handover. The company may also lose the business knowledge and control with the exit of these employees.

IT staffing firms are not necessarily the best choice for contracting needs. It is better to seek the services of an IT outsourcing firm that provides staffing solutions. These firms will be able to supply resources with specialist skills, from their global talent pool. They will partner with clients and supply their resources to work along with the employees of the client. This will lead to effective knowledge transfer.